London’s award winning innovative community F-IRE Collective present concerts, talks and workshops, for young and old. F-IRE workshops are professional development courses for musicians, usually pitched at the level of music college jazz students and above. We seek to redress the balance in music education by moving away from the ‘harmony first’ approach. In a relaxed and informal environment the teachers help develop a more holistic outlook and philosophy, as well as totally practical step-by-step guides to progress. Our material and methodology draw from strong creative traditions, with workshop sessions allowing enough time and flexibility for secure learning. All instruments / voice welcome.


10th F-IRE Workshop (feedback)
January 2012, City University

“All musicians with an interest in playing groove-based music would have gained a huge insight into the F-ire collective’s unique, rhythmical approach to playing in these workshops. This is the start of a long journey for many of us, but at least we’ve finally been given a map – thanks guys!”

8th F-IRE Workshop (feedback)
July 2010, City University

‘Thanks for an awesome week, – I learnt loads and am really looking forward to your christmas course!!’

‘Thanks so much for a great week! I have learnt so much – definately have plenty to be getting on with!!!’

‘This was an amazing and inspiring week! I have a lot to go and work on… Thanks so much.’

‘Groovy workshop! Now I have lots of wierd stuff going around and around in my head, not just Beyonce… Cheers till the next one.’

‘It was really amaZing to learn the Friday morning song/dance’

‘Really great, new way of looking at the study of music and how deep you could/should go to really get stuff down.’

‘Amazing week, these courses offer so much that you just can’t get anywhere else in this country, long may they continue……’

‘Great week. Really inspired. Thank you. You cannot learn this stuff anywhere else in the UK. Really important stuff in order to make gtreat music that has rhythm!’

‘Great workshop – the most valuable thing was spending a long time on each thing rather than dipping in and out lots. Has been really important to get me thinking about what to do next!’

‘It has been a fantastic experience for me, being able to come and absorb so much invaluable musical knowledge and understanding, without doubt the best music workshop I’ve been on!’

‘J,ai eu bequcoup de plaisir  a etre parmis vous cette semaine, jmespere vous revoir bientot, I’m happy.’

‘This course exceeded my expectations in every way. The things I have learnt have changed my musical life for the better. Thank you very much.’

1st F-IRE Workshop (feedback)
8 – 12 July 2002, City University

‘The classes were great and the concepts clearly explained. The dance was also a good warm-up as well as giving a physical relationship to the music.’

‘I really enjoyed the course and learnt loads, thanks’

‘really great, information presented in a very clear way’

‘is absolutely the kind of thing which should be happening’

‘Everything was good. Things I liked best were the dance classes, the Friday drum circle activity and jamming with Nana I found the course really strong and inspiring – thank you – and its format as a way of teaching/learning and being musicians heartening. If I were a funding body/educational establishment I’d be hungry to support this kind of work’

‘The structure felt good for me, getting physically engaged early in the course of the day was a strong way in to the work of the day. I also appreciated the moments when there was the opportunity to share work.’

‘I look forward to exploring how I apply the ideas in the course to my music-making.’

‘…the session that our string group had with Sheron was one of the best parts of the week for me. I want to learn how to hear what she hears’

‘This course gives musicians access to the type of music education they do not get in any other organised form in the UK. It is extremely valuable for musicians who have learnt enough to know how much they yet want to learn, and need each others’ support. The excitement that almost everyone seemed to feel at the prospect of working with such like-minded, creative people was tangible, and I’m looking forward to knowing everyone better – I feel certain that I will. I’m keen to be in touch with projects that come out of this course (and future f-ire workshops), and I want to be involved in many of them.’

‘I understand the integration of the physical, cerebral and communicative activities of dance, music and language to be a vital aspect of musical creativity, and musical creativity to be the most vital aspect of music education. If music were taught this way throughout mainstream education, and particularly in higher education, I feel certain that more people would enjoy a better standard of musical performance.’

‘…essential to my learning of music and for my future development as a musician. The approach to learning was in my opinion very effective and well balanced- a mixture of collective composition /interaction /communication /active participation/discussion. I found all the information obtained from this course to be invaluable to any person interested in communication /rhythm/music/life. The course also enabled me to meet like-minded people with whom I hope to continue a musical relationship in order to learn and develop ideas collectively. In summary a complete success! This style of education is in my opinion exactly what is needed in our communities /schools /musical institutions.’