Stéphane Payen – alto saxophone, compositions  
Gilles Coronado – guitar  
Hubert Dupont – bass  
Christophe Lavergne – drums  

“In the land of musical mathematics Thôt consistently holds its own, but not only. The work of meticulous composition Stéphane Payen, complicity that exists between saxophonist, Gilles Coronado, Hubert Dupont and Christophe Lavergne fully illuminate the stage area. The first musicianship is there, lurking in the maze of structural themes rooted in the same variability of movements. If indeed we should be precise and rigorous play this music, the quartet does offer the image of musicians speaking on a nuanced palette, dense, where everyone brings to all its features into a vein where individual freedom remains fundamental. Rhythmic choices needed drama, improvisation opens space for postage sounds. Listening, caught in the sound wave, the public may feel captive. The ear, even the watch is so biased it is cornered, the constantly surprising cadences are hypnotic, and it is very rare. It is the image of Thoth, different group that nevertheless retains its color its pagan leader whose personality imposes a versatile climatology. In concert, Thôt can disconcert, but it must recognize that its permanence in the renewal gives the thickness of intelligent contemporary music; those that mark and stand out, which set the sustainability of artistic creation as a source of growth. ”

Yves Dorison