Since its foundation in the beginning of 2007, the Jiri Slavik/Fred Thomas Duo has been establishing its international reputation on the European scenes of improvised and contemporary music.

Influenced by musicians like Benoît Delbecq, Peter Herbert and Mark Dresser, much of this ensemble’s soundworld is produced by experimenting with alterations in the conventional instrumental technique and approach, while nevertheless maintaining the original acoustic setting. The various detectable influences in their language range from the classical tradition to elements of African music, Gamelan, modern jazz and music of composers like György Ligeti and Oliver Messiaen.Their first album “Repose” was released on the F-IRE presents series 2009.

”Repose’ is the debut CD of Jiri Slavik’s music with the fine pianist Fred Thomas who, together, are in sync with a clear multiple vision of sonic beauty.’ – Mark Dresser

‘Composition and Improvisation exquisitely merge as these two young masters converse, creating dramatic musical landscapes of extraordinary colour and dynamic contrast. At once intense, primal and highly sophisticated, this is contemporary music at it’s most inspiring best. A visionary work made by great artists with a lot to say.’ – Oren Marshall