Album Title: Know Hope
Artist: Timeline
Catalogue no: F-IRECD 01
Date of Release: 01/01/2002
Price: 9.99 GBP


Know Hope completes the first cycle of Timeline’s musical life – A complete re-write of the West African rhythms that inspired the band – dance rhythms from Cameroon, Togo, Burkina Faso and Ghana combined with urban chaos and jazz deconstructions. The paths ahead are investigated whilst the stories of the journey so far are also retold.

Barak Schmool : alto sax, percussion
Nick Ramm : keys and xylophone
David Okumu : guitar
Tom Herbert : bass
Leo Taylor : drumkit
Ivan Ormond : percussion
with guests Nana Tsiboe lead vocals, Ben Davis, Samantha Rowe, Tamara Aron-Hobbs, Wayne Urquhart on cellos.


08/2003 Alex Kasriel – Hendon Times
“It’s very catchy.”

05/2003 Kate Wharton – Straight No Chaser
“…their music curves and dives in so many different directions that they find thousands of tunnels of escape inside every beat. … when Timeline play their bass heavy rhythms they untie their moorings and face the rapids.”

05/2003 Max Cole – Straight No Chaser
“… a funky stew of improvised jazz and funky spirituals… keep your eyes out for them live”

12/2002 Tom Barlow – Jazzwise
“…as soulful as it is experimental… the traditional roles of each instrument are subverted, and arrangements are painstakingly crafted … it has a sound of its own: the input of multi-cultural rhythms dominates, and while the creative concepts are ambitious, the music is actually accessible…a fresh attitude to improvisation…”

11/2002 Luke Prater – Songlines
“…a versatile jazz offering… The dizzying complexity of the melodic soundscape races ahead time and time again, offering the jazz listener thegenuine article.”

10/1999 Neil Bennun – Straight No Chaser
“…One of the country’s most exciting jazz acts in performance”


All Compositions by Vicky Fifield except Yimloch Adonai – traditional Jewish.C & P Vicky Fifield 2008.

Studio: The Soundcafe, Penicuik
Engineer: Dave Gray
‘Rapture’ recorded live at the Forest Café, Edinburgh by Kenny McCabe
Mixed and Mastered: Fraser Fifield
Artwork and design: Vicky Fifield



Title Duration
1 Road rage 5.34


3 degrees N



Know Hope






In the Footprints of others



Think again/Think before you think



University/Waa Daa Daa






Thanks to our friends and families, also…

…other performers with Timeline: Tom Skinner, Richard Spaven, Tom Arthurs, Joe Bentley, Robin Mullarkey, Andy Cooke, Eska Mtungwazi, Lorraine le Blanc…all instrumentalists, singers and dancers of our collaborators: Roots of Unity, Méta Méta, Bullies Ballerinas, Diariba Dancers, Akwaaba Drum Orchestra, Sounds of Senegal, Rhythms of the City …all our teachers: Nana, Odartey, Bosco, Thebe, Rubba, Judith, JT, Django and all members of Loose Tubes.

Engineering & mixing: Joseph Leach at The Cowshed
Production assistance: Adam Cundy, Max de Wardener, Carlos Lopez-Real and Iian Pattinson
Mastering: Roland Clarke at CRS
Artwork & design: Octávio dos Santos Neto
Photography: Volker Sträter (bamboo), Caroline Irby (band)

composition and arrangements by Barak Schmool.
except: Footprints (Wayne Shorter), Think before you think (Bill Stewart) and Waa daa daa Nana Tsiboe


Waa daa daa…
Ghanaian master musician Nana Tsiboe helped initiate 12 piece music, song and dance group Roots of Unity, that developed concurrently with Timeline crossing over in membership and repetoire. In that we were all studying creativity of his home and neighbouring cultures, Nana’s sharing of his experience and understanding helped us immeasurably. The environments we created then: instrumentalists, singers, dancers, audience and pupils, teachers, friends, community – participating together, remain the strongest reason for believing in functional artists serving the communities to which they belong (ahead of international commercial interests). It was with these thoughts that we invited all we could to join us in the studio – as we would in performance, and our united message is stronger for their gracious involvement.

Waa daa daa yen-oo
Waa daa daa yen a gye yen asaasi-o waa daa daa
Waa daa daa yen a gye yen sunsum waa daa daa
Waa daa daa yen a gye yen sika waa daa daa
Deception – we have been deceived
Through deception our lands have been taken
Through deception our spirits have been taken
Through deception our wealth is lost


Many people ask questions about the musical structure and content of Timeline’s material. Whilst not trying to present an exhaustive analysis, this section of the website should at least answer some queries. It is a respectful suggestion however, that musicians amongst you try to transcribe or learn aurally the elements that interest you before turning to this resource, as that will inevitably move you towards a more complete understanding.

Know Hope reflects part of Timeline’s repertoire as it was at the beginning of recording Jan 2001. A huge element of the band’s identity / philosophy is that all the music we play is within cycles of rhythm that remain unbroken from start to finish of a piece, and within that framework stories / forms are unveiled with varying concepts of progression of other musical materials (melodies, textures, conversations…).

The album (which we know is over-long) falls into 2 parts – part 2 (presented first) contains the newer creations…:

ROAD RAGE (beep-beep)

…whereas part 1 has some of the older efforts, incorporating arrangements within Ghanaian dance-music structures:

…in the FOOTPRINTS of others

Wayne Shorter’s ‘Footprints’ is surrounded and counterpointed by another independent composition, Think Again similarly gets mixed up with Bill Stewart’s ‘Think before you think’, Nana Tsiboe’s ‘Waa daa daa’ forms the centre of Universality and there is just a Tadd of other recognisable stuff.