F-IRE Works 1 (Compilation) - F-IRE Collective -
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F-IRE Collective's first compilation together - 10 bands: Robert Mitchell/Shorter Stories, Tom Arthurs' Centripede, Ingrid Laubrock Quintet, Jonathan Bratoeff Quintet, Oriole, Timeline, Jade Fox, Polar Bear, Acoustic Ladyland and Basquiat Strings.


1   Shorter Stories - At the Fair 8.38
2   Polar Bear - Urban Kilt 6.23
3   Basquiat Strings - Double-Dares 7:04
4   Ingrid Laubrock Quintet - Clara 5.16
5   Timeline - Road Rage (beep beep) 5.32
6   Jonathan Bratoeff Quartet - Wandering Minds 4.28
7   Oriole - Song For Sleeping 3.49
8   Tom Arthurs' Centripede - Issues 7.47
9   Acoustic Ladyland - Some Other Sky 7.24
10   Jade Fox - A Space for Lucian 4.33


Everyone who has supported us on the journey thus far. Oliver Weindling @ Babel, Mike Bartlett @ Proper, PRS Foundation for Mew Music


legwork Ian Latham
mastering Roland Clarke @ CRS Media
artwork Hanna Parviainen & Volker Sträter
cover concept Jasper Høiby


"This compilation provides an introduction to F-ire's roster of talent, with many players enjoying criss-crossing relationships within each other's outfits.
- 15/07/2004 Martin Longley, www.bbc.co.uk

" F-IRE is a collective of musicians, bands, dancers and visual artists - the nearest thing we have to an M-Base umbrella, yet musically more diverse. Their expansive identity is well evident in 'F-ire Works', a 10-track showcase of some of the smartest bands in town. A sampler of some very fine acts, and a very good album for its own sake."
- 13/07/2004 Tom Barlow, Jazzwise

"this 10-track compilation belongs to a new generation of British artists, including young bands such as Polar Bear, Jade Fox, Timeline and Acoustic Ladyland. And just as the DNA of Brit-jazz can be found in prog rock, punk, ambient music and electro, the F-IRE musicians' tentacles reach everywhere. "
- 25/06/2004 John Walters, The Guardian