Song For The Sleeping - Oriole - F-IRECD03 (2004)
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'Song for the Sleeping’, Oriole’s debut album, is a stunning collection of original compositions drawing on diverse influences from Europe, Africa and the Americas. Warm, extended melodies and songs imbued with imagery and emotion. The soundtrack for a film waiting to be made.


Jonny Phillips guitar, compositions
Rob Leak tenor sax
Ben Davis cello
Sarah Homer bass clarinet
Nick Ramm keyboards
Adriano Adewale percussion
Seb Rochford drums
Robin Mullarkey bass
Julia Biel vocals (4,5,8) lyrics (5,8)
Steve Buckley bass clarinet (3)
Charlotte Glasson violin (9)
Idris Rahman clarinet (8)


1   Lament 6.08
2   Meme 4.36
3   Larks 7.40
4   Remedius 8.12
5   Deep Snow 5.30
6   Eyes of a Blue Dog 5.51
7   Themes des Tangos Celabres 5.07
8   Song for the Sleeping - featuring Julia Biel 3.45


to all our friends and families, Joe Leach, Giorgio Serci, Idris Rahman, Barak Schmool, Ian Latham and everyone at F-IRE, Ramsey, Lorenza Orlando, Steve Buckley, Charlotte Glasson, Andy Lafone Jeff, Nathenson, Tina Schimansky, Fatiha el Fakir, Dorian Ford, Anders Chriastianson, Tom Herbert, Tom Skinner, Boon and Rosa, Linus Bewley, Michael Schaub, John and Marlene Phillips and for the band - Julia, Seb, Nick, Rob, Robin Adriano, Ben and Sarah for all the time and imagination involved in bringing the music to life.


Production Jonny Phillips, Joe Leach
Recording, Mixing Joe Leach @ Cowshed Studio
Mastering Robert Harder @ Harmonic Ltd.
Design Martin Zehringer


"More super-confident new British jazz, with guitarist Jonny Phillips' compositions for octet (with the addition of vocalist Julia Biel on two tracks, and occasional guests) providing tight, idiomatic themes that repeated listening brings to life."
- 14/08/2005 Phil Johnson - The Independent On Sunday
"A typically open and collective-minded F-ire enterprise, but Jonny Phillips is a big new composing presence if this calmly eloquent music is anything to go by."
- 05/08/2005 John Fordham - The Guardian
"The F-IRE collective represents some of the London jazz scene's most energetic and imaginative young musicians [...] The instrumentalists, underpinned by Aberdonian Seb Rochford's superbly fluent drumming, combine to make creative, compact and affectingly understated music."
- 21/05/2005 Rob Adams - The Glasgow Herald

"The album blends various middle eastern sounds with those of classical music. - Some impressive musicianship from phillips and his players as well as some eerie singing from Julia Biel."
- 02/05/2005 The Independent - Album of the week

More downtown New York than south east London , Oriole proves how open minded young British based improvisers are these days. Songs count more than solos, yet the musical contributions of Seb Rochford and cellist Ben Davis are hard to ignore. Likewise the plaintive singing of Julia Biel which fits perfectly into Phillips' beguiling world.
- 05/03/2005 Tom Barlow - Jazzwise

An off kilt lullaby from the stars, refracted through 'Somewhere over the rainbow' and 'Come Sunday'. Keeping the f-ire reputation for innovation and creativity on track.
- 02/01/2005 Max Cole - Straight No Chaser