Flashes Of A Normal World - Clown Revisited -
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Inspired by a couple of trips to the circus back in 2002, pianist Nick Ramm put this ensemble together and kept the chaotic nature of the big top in mind while writing the music. Clown Revisited takes you in to an atmosphere created by the simple, twisted melodies of the music the clowns put in front of you in the circus. "Flashes of A Normal World" comprises 10 tracks of circus-inspired themes, composed by Nick Ramm for his band Clown Revisited's extrordinary line up. After the opening afro-peruvian groove, we hear vauderville harmonies, a cha-cha, medieval hip hop, a quick frenzied clown dance and a slow piece with a never-ending melody. Jack Sims (Ex-Men) reads his poem and adds his voice on a revamped "There Are Many Ways". 


Nick Ramm piano, organ, compositions
Finn Peters flute
Ben Davis cello
Oren Marshall tuba
Dave Price drums, percussion
Jack Sims voice & lyrics (7)


1   Samba Mal Au Dos 05:55
2   Nico 08:06
3   Word Game 04:45
4   The Notestand 04:41
5   Intro 02:54
6   Ballad 05:24
7   There Are Many Ways 06:52
8   Bargain Bucket 05:05
9   Holy Moses 04:22
10   The Beat Root 05:10


Recording, Mixing Antonio Feola @ Fishmarket Studios
Mastering Andy Le Vein @ RMS
Design T WO and BrainBow Art & Design


I tried to le the notes fall out naturally, catch them and arrange them like setting the table. Then, show everyone where to sit and let the festivities begin...
- Nick Ramm


"An unfashionably charming and unique debut from a musician who's worth keeping a very close eye on."
-03/03/0006 Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise

"His compositions are pleasingly varied but cohere intelligently as album elements; his piano playing is percussive and forceful, fluent and imaginative as required; his control of the various musical elements at his disposal exemplary. All in all, a highly entertaining album that reveals fresh subtleties every time it's played."
- 10/04/0006 Chris Parker - all about Jazz

"This is an excellent debut from Ramm showing his great potential as a composer. Despite its unorthodox line up the music is charming, witty, intelligent and melodic and certainly not difficult. It deserves to do well and we should hear a lot more of Nick Ramm in the future."
- 10/05/2006 Ian Mann, www.24dash.com