• CD47 Vitor Pereira Quintet - Doors
    Vitor Pereira Quintet - Doors
    Album Title:
    Artist: Vitor Pereira Quintet
    Catalogue no: F-IRECD47
    Date of Release: 17/09/2012
    Price: 9.99 GBP

    James Mainwaring-saxophone/FX
    Luke Wynter - Guitar/FX
    Luke Reddin-Williams - Drums

    “Doors” is the debut album of this Quintet led by Portuguese guitarist Vitor Pereira.
    Its title is suggested from the distinct and powerful sound of this band, a sound that opens doors to a vast background of influences. Despite the obvious Jazz roots, this music unveils elements of a diverse range of aesthetics from Classical and World Music to the most experimental Rock. The strong character of the compositions, all written by Vitor Pereira is marked by the precious help of some of the best musicians in the London Jazz scene.


    “Guitarist Vitor Pereira moved to London from his native Portugal in 2004 ... and his band on his first album as a leader, contains some of the capital's most celebrated contemporary players... Pereira's music is a heady mix of immediately accessible jazz, hard-hitting rock and hints of so-called 'world' music... "Doors" rocks and swings hard, both saxophonists tellingly featured in both straightahead mode and the odd freer passage, and Pereira himself decorating the vigorous band sound with intelligent, cleanly articulated solos. An auspicious debut.” —  Chris Parker, LondonJazzBlog






    1   Coffe Break 7:24
    2   Andanças 6:43
    3   Reviravolta 5:38
    4   The Machine 7:06
    5   Outras Paragens 7:07
    6   Doors 5:52
    7   Leading To Something 4:39
    8   Last Link In The Chain 8:58


    All compositions by Vitor Pereira.
    C&P Vitor Pereira 2012