• CD53 Alex Hutton Trio - Legentis
    alex hutton trio - legentis
    Album Title: Legentis
    Artist: Alex Hutton Trio
    Catalogue no: F-IRECD 53
    Date of Release: 7/05/2012
    Price: 9.99 GBP

    Alex Hutton – piano
    Yuri Goloubev – double bass
    Asaf Sirkis – drums

    a follow up from the acclaimed Songs From The Seven Hills album, Hutton is set to release his third CD, Legentis.

    The focus of the album, is on taking the joy, optimism and range of emotions found in big film score but condensing to piano trio. The new line-up of Yuri Goloubev (bass) and Asaf Sirkis (drums) enables Hutton to compose and explore enchanting thru-composed material with delicacy, but with power and textures of a larger band.

    By adding the instrumentation french-horn, vocals, flute and cor anglais as guest artists the arrangementsyield an unforgettable programme of original music.


    01 July 2012, JAZZ MANN, Ian Mann
    "In the overcrowded field of the piano trio “Legentis” stands out as a major piece of work both for the quality of Hutton's writing and for the excellence of the performances. “Legentis” is a record that deserves to be widely heard and demands that Hutton’s trio be regarded as one of the UK’s finest."

    23 June 2012, UK Vibe, Tim Stenhouse
    "One of the more original pianists to have emerged in recent times with a clear idea of where he is working towards. A promising future beckons."

    24 May 2012, JAZZWISE Magazine, Selwyn Harris
    "For those into current piano trio jazz trends, this has to be one of the best and most interesting around at the moment."

    10 May 2012: The GUARDIAN , John Fordham
    "an inventive writer of cinematic, folksong-like melodies, and a piano improviser who likes to feel pop-song chords beneath him."

    12 April 2012, ALL ABOUT JAZZ, Chris May
    "It is Hutton's third album, following Cross That Bridge (33 Jazz, 2006) and Songs From The Seven Hills (33 Jazz, 2008), both also recorded with trios. The first was made with bassistMike Janisch and drummer Simon Lea, the second with Janisch and drummer Enzo Zirilli. They are excellent discs, lyrical and sinewy, but Legentis is Hutton's most ambitious recording to date, and he assembled a pitch perfect trio for it."

    December 2011, BRITISH JAZZ BLOG, Josh Jennings
    'Legentis is series of gorgeous pieces which balances Hutton’s obvious virtuosity and simplicity perfectly. In fact the essential 'simplicity' of the album is the thing that makes it so widely accessible and fantastic! Every rhythm is attainable and easy to lose yourself within. Listeners without a vast musical background will appreciate its beauty which cannot always be said for jazz, and with such a wide range of instruments its a great listen for the most seasoned jazz veteran down to a complete beginner."

    2011, RAINLORE’S WORLD OF MUSIC, Rich Rainlore, Pre Album Launch Review
    ‘’Melodically its roots are in northern Europe, but on an undercurrent of hypnotic dance like grooves.. Legentis is compelling - but far beyond this, it is downright hypnotic, totally absorbing in its brilliance and beauty, utterly captivating.’’

    06/10/2011, RAINLORE’S WORLD OF MUSIC, Rich Rainlore - GIG REVIEW:
    Album Launch @ The Forge
    "an utterly amazing experience, - Brilliant, magical, hauntingly beautiful, mesmerising, exciting, totally captivating - the Alex Hutton Trio - Launch for Legentis at the Forge was all these and more! Words simply fail in the light of such a brilliant performance as this and such brilliant, sensitive, innovative and adventurous musicians and improvisers as Alex Hutton, Yuri Goloubev, Asaf Sirkis and special guests Jim Rattigan and Heidi Vogel."






    1   J.J. 08:48
    2   The Legentis Script 06:23
    3   Clouds 06:06
    4   Then There Were Four 04:08
    5   Hymn (We the People) 05:49
    6   Wonder Why 08:32
    7   Farewall 296 04:37
    8   Crying Wolf 06:35
    9   Norsk Tale ??:??


    All compositions by Alex Hutton.
    C & P Alex Hutton 2011 All rights reserved.
    Recorded at Red Gables Studio - London, December 2010.
    Engineer: Dick Hammett.
    Mixed and mastered by Simon Changer, March 2011.
    Album artwork by Alban Low.


    1. J.J.
    Begins as a calm Chopin-esque piece with a daydream-like quality. 

    Simple rhythmic piano chords change the mood, joined by a rocky drums and bass that cement the new direction. A melancholy vocal line offers a countermelody and a shade of mystery. The circular theme picks up momentum before folding into a folk like release.

    A bass solo sets the mood with majestic marching vision. A colourful bedrock of arpeggios allow the band to build, the vocal line at the helm, before giving way to the release, this time up a gear to prepare for the drum feature. The drums then take off into a storm as the rhythm of the piano plays anchor to this spirited journey. From light exhilaration through sheer excitement the theme builds further taking on a more menacing role, bringing visions of an out of control merry-go-round. Jumping off to a perfect landing however, the piece leaves us with the original waltz-like theme, and resolves content and resolute.

    2. The Legentis Script
    Inspired by arrangement ideas of Vince Mendoza, John Williams and Elmer Bernstein)

    The opening anthem display all the colours (read; characters), interwoven and jostling for prominence before giving way to a fanfare from the French horn. This resolves into the main melody, a strong melodic offering, unfolding like a logical argument. A powerful Piano solo gives way to a lighter section. Here there’s great use of Flugal horn and Flute and influences of film score arranging. Arranging, that allows the sections to flow by, effortlessly creating momentum. Now the drum section develops, drum ideas swirl overhead as the bass and piano hold the groove. Into the home straight, all the characters in the plot now reappear and augment the familiar theme. The French horn offers a ounterpoint as the vocals joins in, the flute not far behind. The momentum shows no sign of diminishing as the drums find the spaces around the fugal lines. The Finish line is crowded but exhilarating to witness.

    3. Clouds
    A distant bell like piano fades in and is taken over by a simple melancholy folk melody. The bass and drums enter to a steady like groove. The main theme moves over elegant romantic chords. Leaving space for band interplay, there’s a depth to this piece not heard on the faster tunes. The solos here are a treasure trove of effortless lyricism. The interplay is rewarding and the drums in particular provide colorful and rhythmic avenues to explore. Blistering piano lines follow before closing down to the theme now taken over by the Bass. Dynamics are impeccable on this piece and the band is unified. It finishes as it starts with piano runs falling into one another capturing distant church bells even with subtle bell-ringer variations!

    4. Then There Were Four
    Opening Riff Taken from The Stranglers; Norfolk Coast.

    The strong opening riff taken at breakneck speed, with exhilarating drum support. There’s a definite EST influence here as the rock inspired riff caved into a delicate downstream of Arco bass melody. The thru-composed sections are all executed with great precision. The piano solo opens with a no-mans-land exchange of ideas where all 3 instrumentalists speak their mind before a transformation into the only straight ahead section on the album and a chase to the finish leaves you wanting more. The reprise allows the drums to jump in with fills as the theme kicks along before a dramatic close. The Alex Hutton power trio!

    5. Hymn (We The People)
    ‘‘A small lament about the current lack of political power..’’
    A delicate sobering melody beautifully shared between the Piano and Cor-Anglais. The flugal lines of the 2 instruments help take the theme through colourful terrain, which repeats with a sadness.

    6. Wonder Why
    Drums kick off a solid retro rock groove. The piano brings in a simple theme, and there’s a great use of space to hang the melody. It’s interesting that the second section almost seems to answer the first. The piano solo holds the mood perfectly, the bass moves centre stage to take us up a level. A compact arrangement, the melody returns to some surprising changes, which entice the drums up a gear as it heads out.

    7. Farewell 296
    ‘’An ode to an adrees I lived for 12 years. End of an era.’’
    An enchanting balled revealing a subtle harmonic development and glorious use of space. Features the virtuoso bass playing of yuri. The thro-composed structure and recurring themes add a melancholy edge to maybe one of the deepest tracks on the album.

    8. Crying wolf
    An optimistic, cinematic theme. Clear influences here would perhaps be the music of John Williams. The French horn cries set the mood as they wind round the piano line. A bass solo again shows a perfect balance of technique, taste and risk taking, while the piano solo bring out the drums and unify the trio.

    9. Norsk Tale
    An epilogue solo piano piece, reminiscent of Grieg’s Lyric Pieces. Every note here has conviction and meaning. The beauty of a lone piano accompanying itself is no more apparent then on this final piece.
    (James Peter III. 2011)