Multiple Worlds - Mehdi Nabti/Pulsar 4 - F-IRECD83 (2015)
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French-Canadian saxophonist and composer Mehdi Nabti plays an improvised and intercultural form of fresh music, full of life, where freedom is combined with rigour and multiple traditions. Sufi trances from north-africa, geomancy, vocals and Congolese beats come together in ingenious compositions : mirrored melodies and beats, reversed and superimposed, with repetitive cells and group improvisations. A musical style of rare openness and maturity, and it's a live recording !


Mehdi Nabti alto sax, clave, vocals, compositions
Lionel Kizaba drums, vocals, congolese percussion
Nicolas Lafortune electric bass, vocals
Kullak Viger-Rojas vocals, congas, shekere, vocals
Firas Haddad darbuka, vocals


1   Clavé  05:44
2   Al-Haddoun Revisité  07:19
3   Mevlevis  06:50
4   22322 (Géomancie)  04:06
5   Massinissa  06:01
6   Le Mouvement Absolu  04:59
7   Yemma Gouraya  04:11
8   Uchronie  09:26
9   Syphax  08:30
10   MT  10:03
11   Cimmériens  05:38
12   Palindrome  08:17
13   Yemma Gouraya (alt.)  04:33

All compositions by Mehdi Nabti exept ''Cimmériens'' by Mehdi Nabti and Basil Poledouris. Congolese lyrics by Lionel Kizaba. Spanish lyrics by Kullak Viger-Rojas.


Production Mehdi Nabti
Engineering & Mixing Alban Maréchal
Mastering Jean Beaumier
Artwork & design Eresaw Deviantart


Mehdi Nabti is a saxophonist with a singular voice. He plays a jazz-world with an intense polyrhythmic and hypnotic density.
- Yves Bernard, Le Devoir, Canada. 2013/01/18

Into colors of world music, do not look further. Here is a telescoping quite dancing and swinging. Class.
- Christophe Rodriguez, Sortiesjazznights, Canada. 2013/06/18