New World - Vitor Pereira Quartet - F-IRECD84 (2016)
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"New World" is this band's second album on F-IRE Presents. The choice for its title emerged from the idea that we are living through turbulent times and our world is reaching a tipping point. A point where an increasingly globalised economic system powered by unscrupulous profit oriented multinational corporations is on the verge of collapse. Societies are polarised, climate is changing, the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few is reaching record levels and our world is in a desperate need of a rebirth. A new world. Despite a fair amount of songs having a focus on this idea, the album is musically very diverse and explores a wide range of platforms for the music to grow and develop. From energetic Rock-like riffs to more open and edgy atmospheres this record aims to take the listener through a diverse and "bumpy" journey.


Vitor Pereira Guitar
Chris Williams Alto Sax
George Crowley Tenor Sax
Andrea Di Biase Bass
Dave Hamblett Drums


1   Age of Austerity 08:35
2   New World 07:03
3   Bohm's Hologram 08:12
4   Empire of Lies 06:27
5   Under the Pillow 08:30
6   Gangsters Undercover 07:26
7   Miranda 07:36
8   Simple Disguise 07:45
9   Surfing Mini Waves 06:32


Recorded at "The Premisses studios" London 2014.
Mixed by Samuel Barnes
Mastered by Alex Killpartrick