The Coldest Times - Stanislav Bobritskiy, Mikhail Paramzin (Bp.2) - F-IRECD85 (digital-only) (2015)
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The first studio album by Stanislav Bobritskiy (piano) and Mikhail Paramzin (guitar) also appeared as BP.2 duo. The tracks are improvised sets of abstract melodic dialogues, weird grooves and endless motion through dense, cold, resonant sound spaces created with unusual timbres of prepared instruments. This is an album of music looking for balance between exploration and lyricism, energy and relaxation.


Stanislav Bobritskiy piano
Mikhail Paramzin guitar


1   I Know What You've Been Doing on Film Studio 21:14
2   A Stomach 7:06
3   Substitution 7:26
4   Minsk 7:55


Produced by S.Bobritskiy & M.Paramzin
Recorded at Zvukoceh studio (Kiev, Ukraine), November 2013.


This is an album of improvised music. It includes material gradually developed during period of rehearsals and live performances of 2012-13. The "material" implies high-level, semi-intuitive agreements of how melodic lines and textures interact with each other. Thus nothing was pre-composed in general sense. This is free music, but not free-jazz in conventional sense of the term. It just as well can be called minimal, noise and rock music.

The sound is based on prepared piano and ring-modulated electro-acoustic guitar. Such a combination using old-school but still refreshing effects not only enables a lot of percussion timbres, but makes it possible to play with harmonics. The approach may seem similar to that of free improv, but not so radical. Special focus is on the space, an environment populated with noises (usually being removed from recording) from different sources — instruments' bodies, chairs, breathing, objects on the strings.

The recording studio is located at the territory of Dovzhenko Film Studios built in 1920s. The most of its pavilions now have post-apocalyptic look. Improvisation in such a place on cold windy November evening resulted in atmospheric but dynamic tracks full of expression.