A compilation that presents the music of eight groups of artists in Europe, El Gallo Rojo (Italy), F-IRE (UK), Fiasko (Finland), Initiative Kölner Jazzhaus (Germany), Maak's Spirit (Belgium), Octurn (Belgium), Umlaut (Sweden) and Yolk (France). A group, these are musicians who have chosen to join forces to defend a common vision of an artistic practice. Some have chosen to develop a wide range of tools (label, concert production, distribution) as Yolk, others have opened their community to other disciplines (graphic, video) as El Gallo Rojo. This compilation is not intended as exhaustive, it simply presents an overview of the practices that today there is Jazz in Europe.


F-IRE WORKS I: First compilation together - 10 bands: Robert Mitchell/Shorter Stories, Tom Arthurs' Centripede, Ingrid Laubrock Quintet, Jonathan Bratoeff Quintet, Oriole, Timeline, Jade Fox, Polar Bear, Acoustic Ladyland and Basquiat Strings.

F-IRE WORKS II: London’s critically acclaimed F-IRE Collective release the second volume in the F-IRE Works compilation series in October 2006 to coincide with their UK tour for the Contemporary Music Network. 

This latest offering is a double CD which offers a glimpse of some exciting, unexpected directions from these musicians. We can expect to experience these new projects in greater depth over the coming year. Django Bates has provided a liner note endorsement.

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