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Finn Peters, the 31-year-old British saxophonist and flautist, has always sounded like a player who didn't need much acquaintance with an unfamiliar context to be able to make a difference to it. But house music, contemporary classical music (with the group Nosferatu) and production have occupied much of his time - so this is a belated jazz album from him, with the formidable F-ire Collective partnership of guitarist Dave Okumu, pianist Nick Ramm, bassist Tom Herbert and drummer Tom Skinner.
Peters adopts a Wayne Shorter-like mix of muttered, insinuating lines and hollow, dolorous long notes in the opening Latin section of Al Dar Gazelli before it opens out into free swing. The handclapping/bass-riffing Red Fish is catchy but gets muscular as its squirming melody develops. And the title track (the name of an Indonesian flute) has Peters breathing wisps of sound over delicately stepping treble piano and deep bowed bass. Nelson's Blood mixes a contemporary-classical intro with devious flute improv and accordion sounds from Ramm's synths, and Machine Gun has the kind of playfully wayward melodies, collective tussles, electronics-broadsides and rhythmic unpredictability that could have muscled in on some of the slighter Latin groovers more. But it's a welcome return to full-on jazz for a gifted exponent.



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