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Press » Acoustic Ladyland

"Absolutely thrilling… a fantastic triumph… be prepared for the ride of your life… a bewildering and scintillating album which transcends any outdated jazz traditions" Play Music


"Acoustic Ladyland are a brilliantly refreshing rock band" Metro



 "Unabashed virtuosos… that's what makes Skinny Grin such a blast" 4/5 London Lite


"As the architects of an alluring and convivial concoction of various genres – primarily jazz/punk/rock - the band appear to play with a freedom of expression that is surely a rarity indeed on the Barfly stage… Acoustic Ladyland have created a set of explosive gems allowing accessibility to all." Artrocker


"Mentally unstable bursts of Saxophone…" NME



"If it's a punkoid-craft-clash-Ginger Baker can die now drumming thing you're after, go for it. Don't be embarrassed or afraid, it's not jazz, it's just great noises." Unpeeled


 "You are swept up not only by the expertise but also in the sheer joyous physicality"

4/5 The Times


"Fierce intelligence meets musical fire" 4/5 The Independent


"…it's an album that brings out the indie rock fans inner aesthete and the jazz fan's inner hooligan"

The Guardian


"The Ladyland are a jazz band who play loud rock music and don't care if they give you a headache."

Independent On Sunday


"Last Chance Disco is a short, sharp roar of energy – ideal for head bangers who never knew they liked jazz." The Times - Eye


"One of the best young bands on the live circuit, Acoustic Ladyland have made it their life's work to mess with your expectations… Think cut-throat improvisation with the attitude of rock."

Observer Music Monthly


"Acoustic Ladyland have burst out of the jazz bracket to become one of London's most raucously exciting live acts – in any genre." Evening Standard


"Acoustic Ladyland… storm through 11 beautifully outrageous, X-rated jazz-rock creations. How refreshing their lack of respect for convention and tradition is and how unusual it is to hear a jazz group, especially a British one, that sounds so utterly original."  Jazzwise


"A no-holds-barred sonic assault in which deranged saxophone riffs, raw basslines and powerhouse drumming bounce off each other like youths in a mosh pit… a welcome rude blast against the polished, predictable nature of many of today's indie guitar bands." Financial Times

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