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Press » Fred Thomas - Press Cuttings
Fred Thomas - Press Cuttings

About Fred Thomas:

"Fred Thomas is one of the young pianists that has recently caught my closest attention. I consider his work not to be overlooked nor missed. He is at the opening of a great career built of self-demand, pertinence in taste, a true sense of drama & rhythmicity, and a tone of richness & delicacy. His seeking for a multi-layered music is an important thrust for pushing the highest expertise isssues in art even further" 

- Benoit Delbecq

"Fred Thomas is a highly original talent" - Chris Parker, The Vortex

"The audience had already been eased into receptivity for subtle nuances by the delicate piano improvising...of Fred Thomas" - John Fordham, The Guardian

"Distinctive arrangements and settings by... bassist/percussionist/keyboard man Fred Thomas ...Daughter Of The Spring encourages repeated listens to reveal all the detail, and the beguiling range and variety of the songs and arrangements reward this" - fRoots Magazine

"The Fred Thomas Trio captures the imagination of the listener with hypnotic soundscapes, whilst challenging boundaries and traditional roles of the instruments within the genres of improvised music and contemporary composition. Most importantly though, it's beautiful music." - Gerard Presencer

"most ear-opening of all, pianist Fred Thomas...providing an inexhaustible range of touch and colour....Fred Thomas plays with a strutting, brooding tension." - Chris Morley, Birmingham Post

"first-class double-bass/pianist" - Charlie Gillett's Sound of the World

"a highly cultured double-bassist/pianist" - elcorreodigital

About 'Repose':

"'Repose' is the debut CD of Jiri Slavik's music with the fine pianist Fred Thomas who, together, are in sync with a clear multiple vision of sonic beauty."
- Mark Dresser

"Composition and Improvisation exquisitely merge as these two young masters converse, creating dramatic musical landscapes of extraordinary colour and dynamic contrast. At once intense, primal and highly sophisticated, this is contemporary music at it's most inspiring best. A visionary work made by great artists with a lot to say." - Oren Marshall

"this is music requiring patience and application, but it is rich and original enough to reward both" - Chris Parker, The Vortex

"There is a sense of spontaneity and originality which runs through this album" - Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, Head of the Royal Academy of Music

About Sister Mary & the Choir Boys:

"The sexy wah-wah sounds of London lying on a bed of blues from which it is impossible to roll off from - so snug and stinky is the allure. Em Pirhasan's voice truly leaves Amy Winehouse banished in the 'whine house' and lyrically, they leave Lily Allen in the La La land of lightweight candy floss. Thank you for opening my ear waves into my soul." - Billy Jenkins

"From the opening rump-moving bass notes, the self-titled debut by London's Sister Mary & The Choir Boys impresses and entertains throughout…These guys have their own character and plenty of soul… Emine Pirhasen and Fred Thomas have produced a catalogue of tunes documenting modern woebegone love-done-gone life. I doubt many bands could go from a Cow-Cow Davenport boogie-woogie to Wurlitzer-drenched soul without it jarring, but here you go. This has been on my portable Victorola since I got it." – Blues in London Records

About Magic Lantern:

"Bitter sweet, beautiful music"
Verity Sharp, BBC Radio 3 Late Junction

 "A classic album, I love it!"
- Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

"Outstanding acoustic songwriting"
- Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music

 ‎"9/10 - Something quite special, The Magic Lantern have produced a remarkable, enchanting and genuinely affecting album that's sure to bring them the attention they deserve"
- Planetnotion.com

"An 11-Track Stunner. There's no real way of putting this in a subtle manner, so it's better to be blunt and open about it from the off – 'A World in a Grain of Sand' is a must-buy"

"**** Beautiful, engrossing music"  

"4.5/5 - Wondfully composed"
- Sound Revolution.com

"One of the richest sounds i've heard in a while. If Nick Drake and Portico Quartet were to collaborate whilst drifting on a boat on the open sea, the Magic Lantern's sound may emerge"

"Fused with a mix of emotions but with gravitas and great wisdom there's is a certain Jeff Buckley quality to the arrangements and diction, and a songwriting capacity that, like Joanna Newsom's, is utterly otherworldly and densely descriptive. Their's is warm music for lonely hearts.
Folk Radio UK

"Folky-notes power through an impressive mesh of clinking, groaning strings and deft pretty plucking. Slowly joined by more and more sound - everything from a crack to whistle - it bursts into life towards the end, the stone finally breaking down to reveal what the band are all about. They're making bold, heartwrenching (and still bloody clever) songs." 
- Neu Magazine

"Pretty special i think you'll agree" - Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

"Warmly recommended, especially to anyone who thinks meaningful eccentricity and sheer originality are rare commodities in contemporary music" -Chris Parker, The Vortex

"Quirky and charming" - Timeout

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