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Magic Lantern PRESS
"Bitter sweet, beautiful music"
Verity Sharp, BBC Radio 3 Late Junction

 "A classic album, I love it!"
- Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

"Outstanding acoustic songwriting"
- Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music

 ‎"9/10 - Something quite special, The Magic Lantern have produced a remarkable, enchanting and genuinely affecting album that's sure to bring them the attention they deserve"
- Planetnotion.com

"An 11-Track Stunner. There's no real way of putting this in a subtle manner, so it's better to be blunt and open about it from the off 'A World in a Grain of Sand' is a must-buy"

"**** Beautiful, engrossing music"  

"4.5/5 - Wondfully composed"
- Sound Revolution.com

"One of the richest sounds i've heard in a while. If Nick Drake and Portico Quartet were to collaborate whilst drifting on a boat on the open sea, the Magic Lantern's sound may emerge"

"Fused with a mix of emotions but with gravitas and great wisdom there's is a certain Jeff Buckley quality to the arrangements and diction, and a songwriting capacity that, like Joanna Newsom's, is utterly otherworldly and densely descriptive. Their's is warm music for lonely hearts.
Folk Radio UK

"Folky-notes power through an impressive mesh of clinking, groaning strings and deft pretty plucking. Slowly joined by more and more sound - everything from a crack to whistle - it bursts into life towards the end, the stone finally breaking down to reveal what the band are all about. They're making bold, heartwrenching (and still bloody clever) songs." 
- Neu Magazine

"This is chamber music for the masses"
- LBC 97.3FM

"The gentle folk music of The Magic Lantern is irresistably seductive at times like Jonny Flynne meets Noah and The Whale, but with a maturity of its own."

- Hackney Hive

"Warmly recommended, especially to anyone who thinks meaningful eccentricity and sheer originality are rare commodities in contemporary music" -Chris Parker, The Vortex

"Quirky and charming" - Timeout
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