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Pete Wareham [sax]
Alice Grant [vocals]
Nick Ramm [keyboard]
Seb Rochford [drums]

Fulborn Teversham are lead by Seb Rochford, the extraordinarily in-demand and prolific drummer/composer, leader of Mercury Music prize nominees Polar Bear and winner of BBC Jazz award for Rising Star 2004.


Fulborn Teversham pursue a more eclectic and less overtly jazz direction than Polar Bear, or indeed Rochford’s other acclaimed group, Acoustic Ladyland, incorporating elements of electronica, Bablicon/Henry Cow-style prog and post punk. With clever balancing of cosmic and acoustic sounds, Seb Rochford (drums), Nick Ramm (Nord synthesizer), Pete Wareham (saxophones), and Alice Grant (vocals), set up an intimate and thrilling improvisational post-punk, post-jazz chamber music for the future.


"Alan Freeman used to play the most extraordinary music on BBC radio in the late 70's, once mixing the Slits with Henry Cow and classic rock cuts. He might have gone big on Fulborn Teversham, as they sound like a cross between these groups in places. Count Herbert II is fascinating and vital collection" [The Wire]

"At times, Count Herbert II suggests a kind of downbeat British Mothers of Invention. Rochford and his F-IRE Collective partners are that original" [The Guardian]

"Since his Mercury Music Prize nomination with Polar Bear in 2005, drummer and composer Seb Rochford has dragged jazz in ever-more diverse, inclusive directions. With his new band, Fulborn Teversham, Rochford sneaks like a cat burglar through generations and genres, stealing and fusing influences along the way. Versatile vocalist Alice Grant is spear-like and edgy one minute — "Off Song" sees her reveal, "There's just one thing that I would like to say / It starts with 'F' and ends in 'Off'" — then sensuous the next, as she entwines with the Pete Wareham's saxophone riffs on glowing laissez-faire masterpiece "Even If". Observing the pop-like discipline of length, "Beach Tune" screams a dishevelled anthem for hair-shaking late-night crazy cats, while the title track pit-fights mellow organ and grinding bass breaks. A punky debut of virtuoso performances, inspired by a madly engaging imagination" [Flavourpill]


Although Pete Warham's F-IRE affiliated jazz/grindcore oufit, Acoustic Ladyland, have got all the media attention, they're a seemingly contrived outfit next to the genuinely playful, unself-conscious prog-skronk of Fulborn Teversham. Their new album, 'Count Herbert II' is a collection of unquantifiable pieces which mix jazz's joyous experimentation with alt-rock's love of noise-scapes and the tangential noodling of prog. Countless rock bands have been trying to pull off this same trick - of constructing melody from cut-up dissonance - for as long as Tom Wairs and Sonic Youth have been cool, but Fulborn actually have the chops to make it work" [Eddy Lawrence, Time Out]

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