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Ben Davis [cello]
Dave Price [percussion]
Oren Marshall [tuba]
Finn Peters [flute]
Nick Ramm [keys]


Clown Revisited is the band put together by Ramm to perform his highly distinctive compositions inspired by playing in the house band of a circus on tour in Denmark and Holland. The musicians accompanied acrobats, magicians, trapeze artists, jugglers, contortionists etc. Ramm, however, was most inspired by the clowns and decided to base an album on his circus experiences.

Although the music is thoroughly composed, Ramm left plenty of room for improvisation and several of the album's tracks are first takes. The instrumental line up is totally unorthodox, and in all probability unique.



“The music itself defies categorisation. Wilfully whimsical, it owes something to the eclectic style of those great British mavericks Django Bates and Huw Warren... The emphasis is very much on ensemble playing rather than traditional jazz soloing, but this does not detract from the individual brilliance of the musicians.” (Ian Mann)


“this is very much Ramm's baby: his compositions are pleasingly varied but cohere intelligently as album elements; his piano playing is percussive and forceful, fluent and imaginative as required; his control of the various musical elements at his disposal exemplary. All in all, a highly entertaining album that reveals fresh subtleties every time it's played.” (Chris Parker)

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