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  • Alex Merritt Quartet - Anatta
  • Fred Thomas - The Beguilers
  • Fred Thomas & Peter Thomas - Duo


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Founded by Barak Schmool, the bandleader of Timeline, F-IRE (Fellowship for Integrated Rhythmic Expression) began as a workshop in 1995  in which a group of young musicians met to learn West African dance music, its theory and methods of communication. It was named later in 1998 and came to encompass a community of artists whose outlook stretched beyond 'music alone'. Dance, poetry, film and other modes of creative expression were as much a part of their artisitc conception as the sound they produced. F-IRE members cultivate their own directions and thereby transcend the categorical boundaries that can stifle creativity. Whether involving circus or electronica, free-improv or classical composition their voices are distinct and alive with the spirit of freedom. 

F-IRE has 3 main communal objectives: to sustain the creative lives of their members and the surrounding community; to ensure that their creativity functions well inside the wider community; to share their knowledge and opportunities.

The collective's success is built on the quality of its work in education, performance and recording. Until 2005, these 3 principal spheres of activity proceeded without funding. The success of the F-IRE concept was affirmed in July 2004 when it was awarded the BBC Jazz Award for Innovation. Furthermore, all musicians nominated within the 'Rising Star' category were members of F-IRE. In 2005 the F-IRE Collective was awarded the CMN for a national tour, the highest level of government-funded support for creative musicians.






F-IRE Label, officially named as F-IRE Recorded Music, was founded in 2004 by F-IRE Collective to provide label services and distribution to F-IRE Collective members and help them release their self-financed music works.The label does not only releases Collective members' albums, but also welcomes those artists from outside of the collective and offer to sustain their creative music and its production. These albums are relased as a part of 'F-IRE Presents' series.

The Label focuses on the creative process and quality whilst working on administration and incorporating the distribution process of self produced albums.
F-IRE Label works like a middleman between the distribution company (Proper Music Distribution) and artists. In return, artists keep their 100% of the copyright and have the freedom to exploit their work as they wish with full artistic control.

Having released nearly 100 titles as of January 2016, including two albums nominated for Mercury Awards, F-IRE Label continues to work with the most creative, highly skilled and awarded musicians from the UK and around the world.

If you would like to release your album on F-IRE Label, then please contact here.

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