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  • Alex Merritt Quartet - Anatta
  • Fred Thomas - The Beguilers
  • Fred Thomas & Peter Thomas - Duo


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Catalogue no: F-IRECD86
Date of Release : 04/12/2015

A concept drawn from Buddhism that literally means 'no-self', Anetta is the eagerly awaited debut album from London-based saxophonist and composer Alex Merritt. It is the fruit of 5 years of collaboration with American drum legend Jeff Williams as well as top UK pianist and bass player John Turville and Sam Lasserson. Influences of contemporary classical composers are evident in Alex's music - For instance, Henri Dutilleux, to whom a dedication is made on the album. His music also often recalls that of Lennie Tristano and Thelonius Monk amongst more familiar jazz influences.

Alex Merritt


FRED THOMAS - 'the beguilers'


Catalogue no: F-IRECD90
Date of Release : 04/12/2015

Fred Thomas' latest album weaves crafted song-writing into the narratives of poems by William Blake, Emily Brontë, William Shakespeare, James Joyce, Walter Savage Landor and Thomas Carew. Drawing on a wonderfully strange repository of musical influences - English folk, Joao Gilberto, Minimalism, the Aka Pigmies, The Beatles, and the English Madrigal School - Fred Thomas' settings delicately bring the poets' images and metaphors to life with finely wrought harmonies and luscious melodies. 'The Beguilers' features vocals from Ellie Rusbridge and instrumental ontributions from Dave Shulman, Liam Byrne and Malte Hage.



/// New Releases


New album from Josh Ison, a UK based saxophone player and composer just out on F-IRE. Since graduating from Trinity College of Music he has toured and recorded across the world and has played with some of the world's most respected Jazz and improvising musicians including Paul Dunmall, Neal Metcalfe and the now sadly departed Tony Marsh.

'Perceive React' is Ison's debut trio album featuring jazz legend Henry Grimes on bass and violin and Gerald Cleaver on drums. This totally improvised album of spontaneous risk taking, includes blistering free jazz fire playing, contrasting with intense bass and sax duos. The album consists of 2 tracks each taking you on a musical journey that's ever shifting.


John Martin - The Hidden Notes

John Martin

New record from saxophonist John Martin out on 10/06/2016 from F-IRE.

'The Hidden Notes offers a window into a unique sound world. It is a celebration of the saxophone and all the beautiful colours that are hidden just beneath the surface.'

John is currently touring the UK for 'The Hidden Notes' - Click here for all dates.


New Record from quintet led by guitarist Vitor Pereira "New World" came out in February 2016 on F-IRE Records.




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It is not often that we have albums coming out from drummers; but finally here is one due: Adam Osmianski London based drummer/percussionist who is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, will be releasing his next album on F-IRE Label in 2016. News will be announced.


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